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Alex is an absolute wizard.


Mix creativity + Being an amazing listener [truly took YOUR situation into account] + His neuroscience background [A creative guy with a neuro background, good luck finding that elsewhere] + His fascination & understanding of people + Professionalism and you have the best agency you can find.

There was only one glaring issue I had with his work...

Our sales grew SO QUICKLY [5x], we almost could not handle the demand.

Not the worst of problems.

Anyway, guys, book a call if you are on the fence. Alex and his team are seriously good guys and will really drive your business to the next level.

Neal Thakkar


I only worked with Alex for about a month and have learned SO much. I’m a full time Mom and Alex can market my life better than I can!

Simply put?

He understands people. Therefore, he can connect with them whether he has personally experienced a scenario or not. If he can find a way to connect with you, then he can teach you how to connect with others.

Sure, he has meticulously created spreadsheets with thousands of hashtags (seriously, it’s amazing). But when you hire Alex, he shares that with you and then teaches you not only “how” but “why” to use a hashtag.

Alex is extremely detailed yet flexible and eccentric. Combine his personality with his education, experience and dedication? You’ve got someone unstoppable who wants to take YOU with him, so I suggest you take the risk because it’s totally worth it!

I know we will still utilize Alex’s services, as he has a multitude of other proficiencies! Seriously, check out his webpage. (8 other services besides marketing!)

He is a smart dude who I would be honored to work with every day.

Sophia Sparks


Jordan Smallwood

Hidden Falls Media is great!

Working with Alex is such a positive experience. 

He has your best interest at heart.

He is always one step ahead of the game!

A true Professional!


Bethany Ellen

From his professionalism to his detail-oriented nature, to his fast and timely delivery, Alex impressed me in every way possible.

It's refreshing to work with creatives who appreciate community over competition.

My clients walk away happier and way more excited to document these milestones in their lives knowing they have multiple forms of media to remember them by!

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