Harnessing the Power of Floatation Therapy

For the last two years I have worked within the flotation industry. Over this time period I have begun to master the power of flotation. There are many others who are older and more experienced, but like all therapy there is a blueprint and without one you are just mindlessly drifting. I have logged over 25 days of my life within this environment, and having a blueprint for your voyage is a necessity.

For those of you who are not familiar with flotation therapy, you are engulfed in a state-of-the-art pods containing 1200 lbs of epsom salt(Magnesium Sulfate) with around 11 inches of water heated to skin temperature(34.9 Celsius). The goal of this is to completely isolate the brain of stimulus or sensory input. There are different flotation tank units on the market and I highly recommend scheduling with a company that has an i-sopod (as shown above). They come with the best filtration system and are easiest for the centers to maintain.

These units are frequently utilized by elite athletes, silicon valley executives, and Navy SEALS. There have been several clinical studies that have employed REST as a treatment. The disorders treated include essential hypertension, muscle tension headache, anxiety disorders, chronic pain, psychophysiological insomnia, PMS, and rheumatoid arthritis (Fine and Turner, 1985; Rzewnicki, Alistair, Wallbaum, Steel, Suedfeld, 1990; Fine and Tumer, 1985; Goldstein and Jessen, 1990; Turner, DeLeon, Gibson, & Fine, 1993). More recently testing has been conducted with fibro-myalgia patients which is finding overwhelming success.

If you have yet to find your way into a float tank, I highly recommend that you follow this blue print for your first few floats. The first float is going to be your most interesting because you have been sold an image of what these tanks are, and can do. Many celebrities falsely advertise what these tanks can accomplish. They are a therapy for those who are in need, and the tank does not care what your preconceived agenda is. If you need an awakening in your life, fear not because they will supply your demand.

The first float should be about adjustment, both mentally and physically. Take the first 10–15 minutes of your session to begin stretching the body while focusing on spinal alignment. The last time your body experienced this sensation you were in your mothers womb. This ease into a new situation will help to rebuild that mind-body connection that hasn’t been activated since birth. The rest of your first session should be totally focused on breathing. Cyclical breathing patterns work best and are relatively easy for those who don’t regularly practice breathing exercises. Take a big breath in for a count of five, hold for a count of five, and release on the count of five. This maintains a neutral breath pattern. Becoming aware of the breath is one of the most important beginner skills for flotation therapy. As your first float ends, say a blessing or words of kindness both over the pod, not just for yourself but for others as well on their journey. What you put out is what you get back.

You will need to have an agenda when going into your second and your third session. What do you want to work on? Don’t be afraid to ask the tank for guidance with this agenda, but be accepting of what will arise from your subconscious during this. Some of the most valuable moments of my life have stemmed from moments in the float tank. During these sessions is where you will start to unravel your mind-body connection. By building this neural network you are building neuronal pathways in the brain that you only see increased activity during a psychedelic experience which allows for communication to happen across the brain without restriction. This is where optimal learning takes place, along with creative innovation, and healing. Once again, remember to say kind words over the tank as you leave, my personal mantra over the pod is, “bless those who came before, and will come after, for we are here to heal and to grow”. This has nothing to do with religion, as stated before, what you put out into this world has a way of returning back to you. Gratitude and humility are key emotions that tend to arise in those that complete their first 2–5 sessions.

The remainder of your sessions are to be those of healing for yourself and for others. I have seen these tanks become the only thing keeping people alive who suffer from multiple sclerosis, fibro-myalgia, anxiety, depression, stress, extreme sleep deprivation, and many other crippling disabilities. When you need floating the most, is when you think you don’t have time. For many people these tanks are viewed as a day at the spa with mom, brother, and sister, but they hold immense power and need to be shown for what they truly are.

I highly encourage anyone who needs relief to give flotation 3–5 sessions before giving it your final verdict. Although it is not for everyone, it is the only holistic healing technique that is able to begin an immense journey to healing. In the discussion below, tell me about your first few float experiences, and where you had them at. Float on!

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