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Cryotherapy: Death of the Ice Bath

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a short-term passive physical therapy that has a systemic effect. The range of temperatures used -100C to -160 Celsius and take place in Cryo-chamber, a specialized device for a safe and sufficient procedure. WBC originated in Japan during the eighties then gained its popularity in Germany and Poland shortly after. Plenty of research was done by Polish and German scientists, which resulted in the extension of initial indications (Rheumatism) to various inflammatory conditions and sport medicine applications.

The main physiological response to extreme cold exposure is decreasing the skin’s temperature, changing the blood flow conditions, attenuating inflammatory response and formation of Oedema after tissue injury. Thirty years of experience in WBC applications in Poland, Germany and Scandinavian countries (currently about 150 devices are available) led physicians and scientists to thoroughly explain their physiological findings based on factual data and results related to extreme cold temperatures.

Therapeutic and performance enhancing effects of exposing the whole body to extreme cold stimulus has been compared to local Cryotherapy results, showing an advantage is using the WBC due to better systemic nervous reflex reactions. Part of the research studies the role of Nitric Oxide in the activity of the human body in connection with WBC. Studies are still ongoing in the field of athlete recovery and optimization for pre and post workout.

Many athletes recovering from minor injury are also seeing incredible anti-inflammatory results from the localized cryotherapy session since the technician can focus on one specific area of the body. These interventions are proof that we are seeing a rise in the holistic healing market especially within the millennial generation.

While WBC is on the rise in pop culture, localized cryotherapy is being utilized by middle aged men and women across the world as a holistic approach to tighten loose facial skin and refine wrinkles. The skin is cooled down to -200 degrees fahrenheit to help produce new collagen cells. Thus tightening up the facial features producing an anti-aging glow. This is a perfect solution for those looking to fight aging without going under the needle for invasive interventions like botox.

Expert Cryotherapy system developer, Cryo Science claims, “Beyond collagen, cryotherapy is great for cellulite reduction. When exposed to extreme temperatures, fluids that bind fat cells together crystallize, destroying the cells and the bonds that hold the fatty deposits. After several Cryotherapy session, the upper ranges of fat are destroyed and exit the body through the bloodstream with the help of the lymphatic system, eliminating both toxins and fat, and thus reducing the appearance of cellulite.”Good-bye stretch marks!

After my first cryotherapy facial I felt extremely relaxed from the soothing flow of gaseous nitrogen over the face. I could feel the muscles in my face starting to tighten. The pattern of the administration mattered for even collagen production throughout the entire face. I also had my neck and shoulders serviced since I spend most of my work day behind a desk and get knots in my trapezoidal muscle group. Within 2 sessions I could feel that my skin was tighter, my neck wasn’t as sore as it typically was, and even helped remove some unwanted acne.

Overall the experience was great and I would love to do it again! However, the price tag was not. A single cryotherapy facial session will run you anywhere from 35–60 dollars for a 15 minute session. Whole Body Cryotherapy session can run upwards of 75–100 dollars for a 3 minute session. If you are looking for a source of instant pain relief then this is the best option in my opinion.

For anyone else who has tried cryotherapy, let me know about your experience in the comments. What do the benefits look like after long term use? How did you stumble into cryotherapy? I’m always curious to see what others think. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to subscribe!

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