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Bridging Neuroscience

& Digital Marketing 

It's not rocket science, but it is neuroscience! 

Our purchasing habits are just that, habits. Using psychology and neuroscience we get inside the habits of your customers.


This produces more effective advertising and marketing campaigns for your business.


To take it a step further we have layered in artificial intelligence to grow and scale your marketing campaigns based on the psychological profiles of your ideal client. That means: 

  • Less wasted ad spend

  • high-quality lead generation

  • artificial intelligence that outperforms manual advertising metrics by 3-5x

Our Process


Current Analysis

Your past doesn't define your future success, and that rings true for your digital footprint. We take the good, the bad, and the ugly to make sense of it all. 

We look at everything! Websites, social media accounts, posts, and digital campaigns to put together a custom strategy that is unique to your business. 

Before we begin we need a solid measurement of where you're at. 


Leveraging Search Engines & Social Media Accounts

Optimize for Organic Search, Organic Posts, Paid Search and Paid Media

Here is where most agencies will fail you, they will jump straight to the ad spend, and don't develop a strong foundation for the ads to run off of. 

You wouldn't run a marathon without first practicing running a mile, and the same principle applies with your advertising and marketing campaigns. 

We make sure your accounts are rock solid before we send paid search and content campaigns to you. This is one of our secret weapons of success :) 


Controlled Growth   |   Automation

After we develop successful campaigns we begin optimizing for your desired rate of growth. Controlled growth is the name of the game at this stage.

Your job as a business owner is to mitigate risk and rapid growth without systems, procedures, and tools in place is dangerous business. We are here to guide you through the entire process!


This stage of the process we implement automation tools to alleviate the workload of systems that we know can be done for you, so you can focus on the critical tasks in your business. 


Invest and scale in social media 

This is our favorite part of your business growth with us because you're already thriving on social media at this point. Now it's time to amplify and really grow! 

With our AI driven agency tools we can grow and scale your business to levels that would typically take decades in a fraction of the time. 


Create consumer driven campaigns that are designed to convert based on previous data

When done correctly this process produces a very interesting results. Your clients give you all of the information that will take you to the next level. 


By leveraging this you are able to increase lifetime value, lower customer acquisition costs, and increase sales across all of your products and services. 


Unify your marketing campaigns (both digital and in person)

This part is the total "AH HA" moment in your business. You see the two worlds merge and unify with all of your other marketing campaigns. 

These are long term marketing strategies that will extend into new business development stages that really create a cohesive, and unstoppable brand. 


Optimize growth and diversify social platforms

At the final stage of our journey we are making small 1-2% tweaks that really add up to huge changes in your business. 

This is the stage where we diversify and start thinking wider on how to expand your audience and develop deer relationships with your customers. 


I only worked with Alex for about a month and have learned SO much. I’m a full-time Mom and Alex can market my life better than I can!

Simply put?

He understands people. Therefore, he can connect with them whether he has personally experienced a scenario or not. If he can find a way to connect with you, then he can teach you how to connect with others.

Sure, he has meticulously created spreadsheets with thousands of hashtags (seriously, it’s amazing). But when you hire Alex, he shares that with you and then teaches you not only “how” but “why” to use a hashtag.

Alex is extremely detailed yet flexible and eccentric. Combine his personality with his education, experience, and dedication? You’ve got someone unstoppable who wants to take YOU with him, so I suggest you take the risk because it’s totally worth it!

I know we will still utilize Alex’s services, as he has a multitude of other proficiencies! Seriously, check out his webpage. (8 other services besides marketing!)


He is a smart dude who I would be honored to work with every day.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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