You're missing out on the last digital marketing "Gold Rush" if you're not embracing this new secret.

Remember Facebook in 2012?

Remember Bitcoin in 2011?

Remember Amazon in 1997?

If you had been in on any of these platforms before they started to blow up, can you imagine what your life would look like now? A lot of people did very well.


We’re at the tipping point in our modern day “gold rush” and the people in the know are already reaping the rewards. Right now.


That might be a bold claim because you might be thinking, Isn’t social media already saturated right now? Haven’t we already missed the boat on this one?

Surely the ones killing it started years ago… and there's a slim chance for a new business owner with little time and budget to get ahead right now… social media is too hard to figure out

Not entirely, and I'll explain exactly why.


But yet it’s been around for as long as humans have existed, And as long as humans continue to be humans (that won’t change soon… right?) then this will still be relevant.

I’ll share with you what that is in a minute.

But first, here’s the truth on the matter. Digital marketing is still the number 1 opportunity to grow your business. This isn’t changing anytime soon.

But what you’re faced with when trying to do this is.


what platform, how often to post, and what to post


so you end up shotgunning, inconsistent posting and inconsistent quality


with so many options (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.) let alone doing it successfully.


Everyone throwing out their content like spaghetti on a wall, trying to shout louder than the other guy


in the sea of internet “guru’s” flaunting their ferraris and lambos.

And as more people come online and the market becomes more mature, this task is going to become even more difficult.

So where does this leave you?

Only really one option.

Because the other option is to follow the herd and do what everyone else is doing - latching onto yesteryear’s tactic because you’re not in the know (and that rarely works, otherwise everyone would be [insert social platform] famous by now)


Here are some examples of our clients who are killing it using this secret strategy.

Tao Float Loft went from 45 sales per month with an Average Order Value (AOV) of $59 to 124 sales per month and AOV of $79. ROI on a 12 month campaign $72,394 ($117,315 topline)

Organize 365 grew from 250 sales per month with an AOV $97 to 415 sales per month to $314 AOV. ROI on a 12 month campaign $636,579

So by now, you might be wondering what this new strategy is because as far as you know, all the social media strategies have been used to death. Blogging, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Youtube Ads, Linkedin… TikTok

Well, the beauty of this strategy is that it’s based on human behavior.

Which means it doesn’t matter what platform you advertise on, or what niche you’re in… it will always work. Because humans are the same no matter where we are.

Let’s take Apple as an example.

Apple has been incredibly successful in building its brand and there’s an entire cult-like following behind them.

You’re either Apple or you’re not

How did they create this phenomenon and why are people so enamored by a brand. How did they create super-fans?

Well, it turns out you can re-engineer this phenomenon and make it work for your own brand.

There are thousands of components and variables within your brand, products, and services that can be analyzed

Brain imaging, scanning, brain activity measurement technology to measure customer response

This is where neuroscience meets digital marketing.

And we’ve done it for ourselves. Applying this data to our social media advertising, marketing, and community development.

And the results have been astronomical.

Before: 3000 average website views

2019 client wins total $21M

After implementing neuromarketing insights: Over 9000 avg. website views - in 72 hours

2019 Recognized as one of the fastest growing digital marketing brands by Cincinnati Business Courier

2018 client wins total $15m

2020 named Top StartUp to Watch

And to boot, we were thrilled to be named a 2020 Cinny Inno Startup to Watch. So what does this mean?

We’re on the frontlines every day, using the latest technology and strategies to drive insane results for us and our clients

AI, neurotransmitters, and brain chemistry all work in harmony to create a symphony of notes.

This gives us incredible insights into the psychology of your target market, a detailed understanding of your competitors, trends, the market, what’s working and WHY it’s working.

And we can spot the best performing content and adapt it specifically to you (this is funnel hacking on a whole new level).

Can you imagine the level of data and insight we have in the industry, and what this could do for you?

It means no more guesswork, no more creating endless content hoping and praying that people will engage.

It means achieving levels of social media success in less time with more impact that’s trackable, and scalable.



We’re leading the charge and right now, this is the time to capitalize. That’s why I say this is the new modern-day gold rush.

This is perhaps your last chance to get in on this little known, explosive catalyst for your business before the big corporates get their grubby hands on it.

Luckily for you, the big boys are fairly slow to move so you have the advantage of being more nimble and dynamic.

... but if you wait any longer… well, it’ll be like missing out on the Amazon IPO.

Up until last year, our proprietary Neuromarketing strategies were only available to our high-level clients, But we realized there are so many business owners out there who can’t justify paying our high fees to manage their marketing. And frankly, it wouldn’t make sense at their current level.



So we decided to open up a new service and make it incredibly affordable so literally anyone can get access to our team and start learning innovative, cutting edge, digital marketing strategies right now

This is deadly smart for the right people.

You can start implementing and growing your business today before this golden opportunity passes us by.

And we understand Social Media marketing can feel like doing astrophysics… so we made sure this is suitable for beginners looking to get started (and we’re on hand if anything ever gets too confusing), as well the more advanced looking to take their marketing to the next level.

Our hope is that we enable you to get quick wins, build a solid foundation to get your social media marketing churning… and then if you like what you see, you might be in position to consider partnering with us longer term so we can really scale you to your wildest dreams






Bi-weekly deep dives on the latest and greatest digital marketing strategies that are working right now. This means you will only be learning and studying the VERY latest. You’ll never be taught or be using outdated tactics from 2019.

We’ll cover topics such as Facebook 101, Psychology & Social Media, LinkedIn Optimization, $0.00 Lead Generation, SEO, Branding, Photography/Videography and much more

Our CEO, Alex Vonderhaar - will be teaching so you can get regular access to exactly what Hidden Falls Media is doing to grow

Guest speakers who are experts in each of their fields will come on to teach on their area of specialism. SEO, FB Ads, Website, Design, Photography/videography.

Literally, everything you need to do to become a social media success story, create incredible engagement, increase followers, and ultimately revenue so your business can explode.

The Academy was designed and built with you in mind. We know business owners don't have the time to spend hours doing their social media and digital marketing

We know you want results, and a business you’re proud of, But you haven't cracked the code yet.

If you continue down the path of trying to figure it out yourself or burying your head in the sand hoping it’ll get better, then you’ll find yourself redundant and overtaken by the new guys who embraced digital marketing the right way.


Wasting time learning and dabbling in social media not knowing what’s working and seeing no results

Feeling like you’re swimming against the current in everything you do

Not getting a fast ROI on any marketing you do

Being afraid of failing and thinking “what will people think of this..?

Buying more courses and following ‘gurus’ hoping you’ll learn something

Watching your competitors clean up the market, racking up the likes and comments, and wondering what they’re doing that’s working

Second-guessing yourself wondering if this will work or not

Working too many hours for too little results and feeling like you’re pulled in all sorts of directions


Learn only the relevant, cutting edge digital marketing strategies working right now

Cut through the noise of all the fluffy courses out there, and only do what’s necessary for your business

Stop researching and wading through Facebook Groups and Youtube, and have proven, current strategies delivered right to you

Get into a community of driven entrepreneurs who support each other and learn from experts who are there for you in the trenches

Know what will work before you press post (no more second-guessing)

Know what tools you actually need instead of throwing dollar bills into the trash on another “software” promising you success

Maximize ROI on the marketing you do

Increase revenue and social recognition for your hard work

Learn how to use psychology and digital marketing from a humanistic level… drilling deep into emotions, ego, desires, motivations and build a brand that resonates with your market

Build an engaged meaningful audience that fuels you instead of drains you

If any of those above are true for you, then this is the place for you.

When you join our academy we’ll take you through only the highest value projects and learn from the very best.

This isn’t another social media course.

This isn’t another “mastermind”.

This is a digital marketing accelerator program like you’ve never experienced before.

We’ve personally gone through some of the best “mastermind” programs in the industry, bought flagship $10k programs, social media courses and seen the flaws in each one.

This is the culmination of years of testing, tweaking and improving to create a community for business owners to get what they need without the fluff. 

Once in, you’ll be able to peek behind the curtain of a successful digital marketing firm and what we do with our clients, and also get the insights into our secret weapon; the psychological and neuroscience techniques and strategies that have super-charged our digital marketing.


24/7 Access to our SMCC Vault ( $997 )

Here are all the previous deep dives conducted in the past. Whatever you need, it’s right here for you to go through whenever and wherever you need. (Over 25+ Hours of content)

Exclusive Access to Private Business Group ( $480 )

Join a group of like-minded passionate business owners, influencers and entrepreneurs. Direct access to the Hidden Falls Media team and support structure to help you succeed. Plus monthly 90minute calls discussing relevant topics designed to skyrocket your growth. This is the game-changer for your business.

Expert Business Resources ( $49 )

The Founders Newsletter sharing with you secret trade ideas based on state of the market, social trends and essential tools necessary for your success in 2020.

HFM Hashtag Matrix ( $49 )

Top 30 hashtags of 125 categories (Health, Finance, Business etc) - Automatically updated weekly

24 Month Digital Content  Calendar ( $20 )

Full calendar so you’ll never run out of ideas again!

10% Off All HFM Products/Services

Unlimited Access to Social Media Crash Courses ( $997 )

Every 2 weeks we do a deep dive into a key topic that will elevate your business. That’s 112 courses in 2020. You’ll get cutting edge insights to implement, relevant to you right now



$ 2,592.00

$ 199.00


This is an incredible opportunity to dive into digital marketing and we’ll be there with you every step of the way so you’ll never feel lost.

If you haven’t yet got a strong social media presence, if you want to build a following of engaged, raving fans who like to spend money with you, and you want to scale without the overwhelming and giving up your life to do it, you need in on this.

There’s no fake scarcity here. The only scarcity is that time is ticking every day you don’t take action and get this working for your business. Every day lost is another day of lost revenue and the potential to impact the people you want to serve.

We’d love to have you in. You even have a full 30 days to check out two of our live deep dives plus all the content in our vault… poke around, engage with the group and if you still don’t feel this is for you, just message us and we’ll process a full refund for you. We’ve taken on all the risk for you so this is a no brainer.

The only thing next is to sign up! Once you click checkout on either the Annual Pass or Crash Course Pass we’ll send you further details in an email about your logins and how to get involved.


Frequently asked questions

I’m just a beginner, is this right for me?

Yes this is suitable for beginners. We teach foundational digital marketing strategies and you can get support throughout to make sure you’re never lost or overwhelmed.

I’ve got more advanced marketing knowledge, is this right for me?

We go deep, and whatever level you are coming in at, we are certain we will cater to your needs and give you insights and strategies you won’t have heard of outside of the Academy.

How is this different from other social media courses?

No one does Neuromarketing. That in itself sets us apart and you’ll get insight into our deep customer insights and how to apply this thinking to your business. We also demand that we make the complex simple to understand. So even if you’ve gone through other social media courses or are thinking about your first one, we will have everything you need to become successful. You will have access to Alex, our CEO and the team. So whatever you need help on, you’ll get support. The Academy is designed not only to educate, inspire and empower, but to let you come together with people who are on the same journey and life each other up.

What if I don’t like it?

The most popular subscription option is 12 months. You have 30 days to check out all the content and attend 2 live workshops. If it’s not right for you, you can cancel and get a full refund.

What is the Annual Pass?

The Annual Pass is the best deal that will save you over $2,393 for the year. This gives you unlimited access to the entire Digital Marketing Academy, along with exclusive resources that are designed to help you mine as much gold as possible during this short window of time.

Can I transfer my one-time pass to the annual pass?

Absolutely, and that is what most people end up doing anyway.