What is your pricing?

We have a three tiered pricing structure with the ability to "add-on" services. We focus on your business needs are today, and what you will need in the future as we continue to grow our partnership. For that reason we customize each tier specific to each company so a traditional pricing structure is a inaccurate representation of how we help our customers grow. Please fill out our Contact Us form below and a member of our staff will reach out promptly.

How fast are the results?

Like everything great, time is the variable of success. The more time we have with your brand, the better of a long term strategy we can plan out and create multiple revenue streams. Our CEO uses this analogy regularly: "building your company online is like going to the gym, if you've never been in your life the first few weeks are going to be hell, but you'll start to see progress with dedication, and consistency. After the first few months you'll see a great transformation, and after a few years you won't even recognize your life without it."

Are there any long term contracts?

We focus on relationships, because you and your brand matter to us. This is why we do a 90-day progam to start and then switch over to a month to month retainer model.

What's included in your social media packages?

Our social media packages include 2 phases: Phase 1: - Strategy design - Platform and community analysis - Campaign design and development (paid and organic) - Organic content and strategy development - Access to exclusive social media tools - Access to all major social media platforms advertising platforms Phase 2: - Paid advertisement management and optimization - Content development based on A/B testing - Targetted analytics and development - Community development of core audience - Increased page growth Each social media package is individually designed to match your goals, and desired outcomes. These phases are subject to change based on your exact needs. You're in good hands :)

Do you build sales funnels?

Short answer: Yes Long answer: Having a sales funnel isn't always the right move, even though they are effective. We can help advise if this is the right pathway for your business advertising and marketing strategy.

How much does it cost for website development?

Web design and development rates are $50.00/hr.

What is the minimum amount of advertising budget that you require?

We require a $500.00/month minimum. This allows us to be competitive inside of the marketplace, and gives room to deliver the best return on your investment.

However, the more you spend, the better off your campaign can be :)