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Who we are

It's that crazy vision of what you truly aspire to achieve over and over and over again. The courage one must possess to go after that dream is what sets extraordinary people apart from everyone else.

Fear must be eliminated, faith in the process must prevail and you have to trust wholeheartedly that you can achieve and become your vision. The path may not always be clear, but you can't let that stop you from taking action to pursue the end result you believe in. 

Success is a long journey that begins with a decision to take all of your strength, courage, faith, tenacity and fearlessly take that first step forward knowing you cannot and will not fail. We live by the zero option mentality. 

That first step is followed by another and another until moving in the right direction becomes natural. It becomes a part of you and is no longer something you struggle for, it’s just something that you do.

We live in an aggressively fast-paced digital world, and all you see online are the overnight success stories... Guess what... Like in life, there are no short cuts. You have to be prepared to push on when your business is consuming your entire life, and your mind is screaming for you to quit. That moment is when the depth of your conviction and belief in the vision that is embedded in your soul must drive you through to achieve your dream, and create your destiny.

It is up to you to take steps against the grain, against all odds, against all negative influences, against all the nonbelievers and move forward daily with all of your heart. It is up to you to believe in yourself. It's up to you to have the courage to be the best. It is up to you to Never Settle for anything but greatness.



Alex Vonderhaar, the CEO/Founder, started Hidden Falls Media to provide a one-stop-shop digital solution for businesses large and small.


"What makes us different than any other digital marketing agency? We combine the science of psychology, neuroscience, and high-level strategy with modern and unique creative to ensure your brand stands out against the rest."

Quality Advertisement Campaigns

Rome wasn’t built in a day... and neither were our strategies. By the time our clients are ready for market they’ve been tested and tested hundreds of times for accuracy, effectiveness, and most importantly, RESULTS.


It can take our copywriting and paid media specialists months, not days, to perfect each product we put our name, and your name on.


So the next time you look at your marketing campaign from us, know that it’s the highest quality strategy and creative you’ll ever operate within your business. We would never have it any other way because if we’re not doing it to be the best then why the hell are we doing it?

Practice What We Preach

At Hidden Falls Media we don’t just fire from the hip, we advise based on our own practice. From our creative department to our accountant, everyone is committed to bettering your company and leading active digital lives.


So, don’t be surprised if you find us out at one of our local businesses helping them develop strategic content, or talking about new product launches. 

Home Grown

Midwest values and a strong work ethic are the principles this company was built upon. From working fast-food to making barely over minimum wage for companies that we generated millions of dollars in revenue for, we learned what hard work was at a young age. This work ethic continues today for each of us at Hidden Falls media.


We are proud of our company and our services. The idea of ‘slacking off’ or not continually pushing forward just seems foreign to us. You can see our dedication to each one of the services that we deliver to our clients. 

Work Hard, Play Hard

While our days may be full of ad copy, spreadsheets, digital content creation, and high-level computer programs, we are all just normal people at Hidden Falls Media.


We have been known to cheat on our diets, dread squat days, and we even like to crack a few (sometimes more than a few) cold ones open on the weekend.


We work hard to put the best services in your hands, but we are sure to have a little fun along the way. 

Premiere! Established Brand

Hidden Falls Media is the premier digital marketing agency in the world, and any of our customers will be the first to tell you how we are not some fly-by-night brand.


Hidden Falls Media is an industry-leading brand that is fed up with the weekend agency owners that are producing low-quality results and charging like they are on wall-street. YOU are the ones that support us and the time has come for you to be rewarded for the effort and hard work you put in every day. If you promise to meet us halfway we will help you reach your goals. Period.

Not only that, you can trust that when you deal with Hidden Falls Media that you will be treated with the utmost levels of professionalism. Odds are if you have been a customer of ours before, you have already seen the respect and care that we offer our clientele! We care about our brand, our employees, our customers and ultimately we care about the results you can attain when using our products! We insist on being the best in the industry and that carries over to all aspects of our business, including customer service and support. Our entire philosophy is based on providing the very best products with error-free and outstanding customer experience. Second to no one in any industry, in any part of the world!

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