The ability to persuade and influence people is one of the marketing industry's greatest hidden secrets. We have taken advanced social psychology principles and broken them down into an execution plan that will help you increase sales, build brand, and develop a meaningful community. You’re not going to get this type of training anywhere else!

6 Principles of Influence

In-Groups & Outgroups

How to Build Trust by Telling Stories

Meeting the 6 Needs of Your Customer

Creating Experiences of Happiness with Your Customers

Creating Experiences of Excitement for Your Customer






That's right! You get to hang out in your pajamas with a hot cup of coffee and learn from us in the comfort of your home. 

Expert Level Training

You aren't the type of person to just pay money and not do anything about it, and that is why we designed this course to teach you how to think about social media and produce content like a 7-figure marketing agency! You will leave with the skill sets to increase sales, build a brand, and cultivate your community.

Award Winning Expertise

Hidden Falls Media has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing brands in the US for social media advertising and marketing. Our team members have accolades out the butt, however, our testimonials speak volumes more than any award ever could. Check them out below!

Strategy That Works

The strategy that you are getting in this 3-hour course is high-level material made simple. This strategy has already helped hundreds of business owners increase sales, build a brand, and become influential in their market.


I attended the social media crash course for 2020.

This course offered significantly, detailed content in a condensed amount of time. Specific detail is given on when to post, what to post, which platform to post geared toward your specific audience in addition to delivering relevant information to business owners in multiple industries, learning how to schedule weeks worth of media content to free up both your creative energy and valuable time.


My biggest takeaways were delivering Live video content that returns engagement and copywriting strategies. The course was Gold!


Meet Your

Alex has helped hundreds of businesses just like yours achieve success using social media platforms. 

"My goal of this course is for you to come away not only with a strategy on how to implement the tools but the execution plan of how you're going to use these tools to help get you closer to your business & personal brand goals."

Alex Vonderhaar - CEO, Founder

-Hidden Falls Media

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