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Creating Marketing Strategies Designed to Scale

Bridging neuroscience and psychology into your marketing


✅ Create A Clear Plan

✅ Grow With Confidence

✅ Data Driven Results


It's Overwhelming!

  • Are you worried about whether your business can scale to reliable monthly revenues?

  • Are you unsure about your ability to create effective marketing campaigns?

  • Are you currently wasting ad spend? 


When you’re working hard inside your business it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by your marketing. Ad spend, content creation, social media posts, email/sms marketing campaigns.... the list goes on and on. 

Wouldn’t it be great to have a marketing department inside of your business!

Hidden Falls Media Advertising Marketing
Hidden Falls Media Business Development

Business Development



  • Copywriting

  • Data & Analytics

  • Digital Strategy

  • Email & Text Campaign

  • Social Media Ad Campaign

  • Business Planning

  • Pricing Strategies

  • Sales 

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Systems & Processes

Hidden Falls Media Conent Creative


& Creative

  • Content Calendar

  • Photo

  • Social Media Posts

  • Video

  • Website & Landing Pages

We get it – Hidden Falls Media has helped entrepreneurs not just survive, but THRIVE.


By using neuro-marketing we will connect with your ideal customers in ways you never imagined. 

You can trust us to do the job for you.


How Can We Get Started?

Here are three simple steps


Book a Call.

Click this button to schedule a call with us. You can tell us about your business and help us understand your priorities and needs.


Get a Custom Marketing Plan.

We love to set up, clean up and manage marketing. Every business is different- we tailor our packages to meet your specific needs.


Take Control of Your Future.

Experience how neuro-marketing can set you up for success!

Hidden Falls Media CEO Alex Vonderhaar
At Hidden Falls Media, we know you are the kind of entrepreneur who wants to build a successful business. 

We know that time is your most valuable asset. By creating the right partnership you can reinvest your time where it's needed most.

The problem is, you've been lied to about what marketing can do for your business.
The "social media guru's" have painted a false picture of what it takes to grow a business.

Don’t worry - they frustrate us too.
We believe at the core of all great marketing is the understanding of human psychology - our motivations, habits, and buying patterns.
We understand from first hand experience what it’s like to grow a successful business, and it comes down to having a reliable team you can trust. 
AdobeStock_409439310 (1).jpeg

Marketing is not a magical pill that fixes all your money problems. With the use of neuro-marketing and heavy lifting, we build custom solutions to solve the problems that are holding your business back. 

Here’s how it works; schedule a call with our team, we’ll create a plan, and you’ll get results.


It's time to take control of your future.

Download our Free Guide
7 Ways to Use
Neuro-Marketing Today

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